Rangemore Llama Farm

Why lama

or more specifically

why Llama?

Of the genus lama of which there are four; alpaca, guanaco, vicuna and the (double L) llama, it is the last which is my particular passion.

Why llamas?

because whether you're our 8 year old neighbour Evan, or my 88 year old Grandma Violet McKenzie, everyone enjoys greeting the newest cria.

with their gentle nature, inquisitive curiosity, intelligence and willingness to please - making them endearing companions - who can resist.

kids are drawn like magnets, teaching them sensitivity and responsibility.

their practical uses such as driving can be put to work at weddings, fairs, parades and simply for enjoyment.

easy care, low maintenance and easily trained to tasks like toenail-clipping. Llama and Alpaca Health

their natural respect for personal space, makes them safe around those less abled.
Rosa meets Indigo Chief.

with options such as spinning, weaving and felting with one of the world's finest fibres. The seasonal shearing from Ardcree Chieftan can provide an added bonus.

whether planning an assault on Mount Cook (N.Z's largest mountain) or a walk down the road for oranges, get the llama do the carrying.

their beauty, their understanding, their compassion & their loyalty just make you want to provide them a loving home.