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January 12th, Saturday

Kaikohe A & P Show

Alana, Emmah and Samantha holding Poetry at the Kaikohe A & P Show.

Llama Lookout Icing on the Cake

(Pet name Candy)
Girl Born 4:10 p.m. 12th January
Gestation 337 days
Mother MFLP Brown Sugar
Father Bellbird Java

Llama Lookout Humbug

(black-and-white striped lolly)
9 kgs
Mother MFLP Sweet Georgia Brown
Father Bellbird Java

February 29th

Leap Year Cria Arrived

Introducing our very special leap year llama.

We had a leap year cria born midday Friday, February the 29th 2008. a couple of more pushes.
It wasn't the easiest births as her front left leg was back, by the time Amber had scrubbed up ready to give a hand she was born with a couple of more pushes.

Under the careful guidance of the mothers, 16 month old Ediza Rose Morris, visiting from LLamas of Circle Home Sonora, California, watched the leap year cria birth, she was also the first person to put a halter and lead on the cria.

The mothers (human and llama) are in the background, Amber Morris supervising Ediza and Xquisite Symphony eating Lucerne chaff with her two year old daughter Bubbles.
You can read more on the adventures of the Morris family on their blog THE ENDLESS SKY

We do like to train them young around here, so start with an easy roping lesson.

After carefully placing the rope in a zigzag position over the cria's back...

And after careful inspection that it is safely placed...

It is time for the haltering lesson...

The cria tries indicating Ediza has the halter on the wrong end.

No babies were put in any risk or danger during this encounter, and it wouldn't have been possible without the permission of the very gentle mother llama who was introduced to life in a similar manner.
We had already done the routine cares of the cria before the haltering lesson.

Amber had dried the cria with some towels.

Tracy had protected the umbilical cord against infection by dipping it in an iodine based solution.

We weighed the cria using bathroom scales with Peter weighing himself and then again holding the cria. We will then weigh every two or three days over the next couple of weeks to make sure she is increasing in weight.
Sorry, wrong baby.

Amber checks the teats to remove the wax plugs and made sure they have milk.
We also made sure that the cria could latch onto the teats and was sucking.

Welcome to...

Rangemore Kakophony Ediza
(we will call her Ediza)
Mother: Rangemore Xquisite Symphony
Father: MFLP Pirate Ring
Weight: 11kgs
Gestation: 351 days
Time: 12 o'clock
DOB: 29 February 2008